Quick Tips for Moving With Kids

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I love my home, it’s our little sanctuary from which all of our lives slowly unfold. Though we have been settled in our current place for a few years now my family and I have moved a few times in the past. My husband and I rented a few small houses when we were starting out. From the first time we moved we had a kid in tow, and each time after that we relocated with an additional child!

Though we definitely feel pretty settled where we are today, we aren’t sure that this will be our forever home. If we ever do move again one day, the experience I, often annoyingly gained will serve me well.

Looking back there are a lot of things that I could have done to make moving our whole family (& all of our stuff!) a lot easier and more enjoyable!

If you’re moving with kids here’s what to do:

Have a Yard Sale!

This is one I always do before I move. Not only is it a good way to make some extra cash to cover the expenses that can come with moving, but it’s a good way to minimize the volume of “stuff” you have to transport. As you organize your things you can see how attached or not you are to each item and have a much better idea of what you feel is essential to bring to your new living space! Involve the kids by having them make signs to put up in the neighborhood and use it as an opportunity for them to learn about the value of the things you own. When you get to the end of the day or weekend, gather everything that didn’t sell and donate it all!

Keep it Fun!

Children are like little sponges. They absorb, react and adapt to everything around them and usually never miss a thing! Though the moving process can be overwhelming at times, keeping a positive attitude is key. As parents we are so busy that we often forget that we are the ones who set the tone in our homes and families. How the day goes is affected by our demeanor and reactions to things. Keeping things fun by looking at relocating as a great big new adventure for your family will keep everyone seeing these exciting changes in the best light possible. Let the kids label or decorate the boxes with their things in it, let them be the ones to pack up their toys or special items and remind them that every end is a beautiful new beginning!


Keep It Familiar!

Moving to a new home is a huge change to your family’s daily life. Help your kids adjust by making the new place feel like home. One way to do this is to have their new bedrooms set up in a similar way to their old ones. Using familiar decor, furniture and linens while everyone’s settling in is comforting during a time of abundant change that can already be jarring for your kids. Moving to a new place can make you want to update everything else too but for the kids, consider changing styles a little later in the process.


Hire Help

Whenever I’ve moved in the past I convinced my hesitant friends and family members to help by bribing them with pizza and beer! Though we tried our best, none of us are professionals. We pack all of our boxes into little car loads, strap mattresses into open truck beds and pray that our stuff makes it from A to B in one piece! Inevitably, we always end up with a ding in the coffee table or a patch in the drywall. Having a professional moving company take over the heavy lifting helps to cut down on the stress that comes with moving. It clears up space in your heart and mind allowing you to focus on the things that matter most.

A good local option is Fresh Start- The Moving Crew located in Worcester, Mass. They are commercial and home movers in Worcester County and offer a range of options from full-service moving to DIY moving and storage. (They can even take those yard sale donations for you!) Whatever your needs Fresh Start – The Moving Crew is a reputable, clean and professional way to move with much less stress.


I hope these tips help the next time you and your crew are on the move!

Have you ever moved with kids? Share your thoughts and tops in the comments!

❤ Cait





Author: Cait Winters

I'm Cait, a Massachusetts mom of 3 living in a small, woodsy town with my kids, husband and dog. I'm a freelance writer, aspiring author and poet at heart who loves writing about the wonders of the simple life. Email: cswinters15@gmail.com

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